Keepers & Contenders



Our Contenders class meets every Tuesday evening and consists of young men ages 9 to 16 years old. This class is taught by Bro. Charles Alvis and emphasizes Christian values and work ethics. Various activities teach young men skills such as small appliance repair, woodworking projects, and vehicle maintenance skills.

 “Our goal is to present to these young men a Christian way of living a life for Christ. We teach Christian values, how to gain skills that will help them to be a value to the church, and in their everyday lives. I have always had a burden for teaching and care a lot for young children in the church. It is a blessing for me to be able to pass on skills that will help these children in their lives!”



Our Keepers class is for young ladies ages 9 to 16 years old and meets each Tuesday evening as well. This class is taught by Sis. Becky Peyton and focuses on teaching important skills, such as cooking and baking, sewing, budgeting, manners, Christian values, and godliness. This class is based on the Proverbs 31 woman.
The girls have learned to hem a skirt, sew on a button, balance a checkbook, how to wash and prepare food, etc. The list is as varied as the everyday chores of running a home. While it is important to know how to do all those things, it is even more important to learn how we can live our lives pleasing unto God. We spend time in the Word of God learning how we should treat others as well as how to treat ourselves.

 “In teaching this class my hope is to instill in each young lady a healthy self esteem, and that she may learn the value she has in the kingdom of God. The young ladies of this class are worth all the love and investment that I can give in preparing them for their place in the church and for a world that needs godly young women.”